Underwater Vision Equipments


Bajoelagua Factory offers procurement services and equipment rental with operator underwater viewing. Our underwater vision equipment have been exposed as a highly functional teams:
Our underwater vision equipment have been exposed as a highly functional equipments:

  • Easy handling and transport
  • Inmediate response, in case of fail, the equipment is replaced within 24 hours by a new one during the reapair
  • Reasonable price
  • Equipments to be used by divers or not, by remoted control:
    • ROV ( 400 meters deep)
    • Umbilical cameras for profesional divers
    • Umbilical cameras to check moorings and boat hulls
    • Motorized cameras 360 degrees of vision pits, pipelines, wells ...

Reantal and sale of Underwater Cameras, including ROV (Remoted Operated Vehicles)
Underwater ROV rentals and sales recording up to 400 meters, from 420 lines of resolution to high definition (HD).

  • Imaging by R.O.V.
  • Recording by remote control.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Controled and run by our highly qualified staff:
    • Avoiding losses of R.O.V.
    • Problem due to inexperience.
    • Avoid responsibility for the R.O.V.

Allows you to access areas previously difficult to see:

  • Ports
  • Reservoirs
  • Pontoons
  • Hull
  • Septic
  • Pipes

Equipmnt useful for:

  • Searches for objects or people
  • Submarine rescues
  • Ports and offshore security controls
  • Underwater pipe lines control
  • Suppport safety of divers
  • Fauna and flora inventory
  • Climate changes effect control
  • Discharges control
  • Artificial Reefs control
  • Currents control
  • Collection of water samples at different depths

Other equipments available, remoted or not remoted control, for sale or rent, not hesitate to consult us

Products list
Underwater Inspection Robot 50 m Designed for enthusiasts of the sea, nautical entertainment, leisure, they want to see the ocean and have fun.  
Underwater Inspection Robot 100 m Bleeper PRO Semi-professional Robot 100 m work, is the average between leisure and professional sectors in underwater inspection. Download (PDF 290Kb)
Underwater Inspection Robot 100 m Bleeper AT Inspection 220 V robot, designed for professional inspections, light equipment, functional and easy to handle. Download (PDF 290Kb)
Inspection and Operational Robot, 400 m This is a robot double Bleeper power than the AT, with a working depth of 400 m, allows us to mount arms, object manipulation and great performance. No crane is needed for the boat dive.  
Inspection and Operational Robot, 400 m HD cameras 400m characteristics similar, but adds the advantages of having an integrated HD camera.  
Seekit portable camera Manual, up to 30 meters of cable, self-contained battery-Caraga, Kit consists of waterproof bag, camera, and cable, ideal for rapid scanning. Posibilidad de ser usado por buzo sumergido. Capable of being used by divers underwater. Download (PDF 676Kb)
IPSE motorized camera doble unit Motorized, 360 view two cameras, one perpendicular to the surface and another parallel motorized lighting. 420 lineas, hasta 100 metros de profundidad. 420 lines, up to 100 meters deep. Download (PDF 676Kb)
Look At Equipment for professional divers, consisting of video communications and divers, boat console. Download (PDF 676Kb)
SIC Equipment designed to install under the hull of the boat increasing security in the observation of marine floor and hull.