Informative Events

Bajoelagua Factory, idea, produces and manages events to raise awareness of respect for the seas:

  • Develop the event concept.
  • Production
  • Media management and comunication

- Bajoelagua Santa Claus Concentration

With the aim of spreading the brand and concept background behind it (Knowing the seabed to reach your protection) we devised an event, based on the figure of Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Communicate to the media that Santa Claus had a reindeer lost in the waters of Cantabria, a month before Christmas 2004, while preparing the logistics prior to the holidays flying Castro Urdiales, and a storm played a trick on them, dropping one of its reindeer to the cold waters of Castro Urdiales, so Santa decided to warn divers of the area they found the lost reindeer.

The media called for divers from the area who came in search of the animal, and thanks to them all, Christmas 2004 was not left without gifts for children around the world.

In gratitude Santa Claus every year in late November or early December (depending on how you have your agenda) goes to Castro Urdiales where one of his reindeer is submerged in the sea waiting for the divers who come dressed as Santa Claus to find him.

This event has achieved media coverage on national TV news, radio, Internet and newspapers.

The call for 2009 will be the fifth edition, and have the support of marine respect industry leaders

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- Korsaria ®

Korsaria, crossing the river in a ginkana pirate race held in Plentzia. This is another event created by bajoelagua Factory, held in Plentzia, Vizcaya, with which we intend to recover linking the town with its maritime history by joining sports + culture + history. In KORSARIA ¨ participants with their boats (no motor) involved in a race-gymkhana along the estuary. Pirate costume must be overcome various tests.Korsaria, travesía pirata de la ría de Plentzia.

We also design and produce various activities aimed at all audiences, exhibition tents with marine elements, workshops use charts and sextants, ship manufacturing, sailors use knots, inflatables, stage with live band, picture with the pirate and his parrot, helmsman and various other activities.

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We can also perform on-demand events for companies or small groups of people against the background of the activity provided the sea and its protection.