Awareness Products

Bajoelagua Factory, produces brochures, articles and all sorts of informative content related to the sea and its species.

  • Content developed marine plant and animal species.
  • Sea collectibles production:
    • Inserts in newspapers
    • Articles or reports of regular distribution
  • Making stories in comic format over the sea, and their habitants
    • Locale stories
      Associated with museums, ports, and certain coastal areas.
  • Publishing awareness and informative books on a particular area
    • Scuba dives
    • Wrecks of a zone
    • Species that reside in specific areas of coast
  • Creating educational materials for conferences and exhibitions:
    • Multimedia contents
    • Underwater recording
    • Slides
    • Samples and documentation on specific topics related to the sea.

Bajoelagua through bajoelagua brand has created the first collection of sports jerseys and fashion led to awareness and respect of our seas as a step towards the necessary protection.

Cooperate with us in spreading the respect and protection of the seas.