Bajoelagua Factory Ltd. founded in 2004 aims to spread knowledge of the sea through the development of their business developed in two areas, one reported aimed at all audiences, Disclosure, and other Oceanographic, providing solutions, services and products to facilitate professional knowledge of our seas.

In Oceanography we cover underwater viewing areas, and marine monitoring with sensor systems that enable real-time control parameters to observe marine waters (waves, sea power, temperature, wind, conductivity, turbidity ...) permit real-time visualization of the seafloor, or ocean waters, swamps, or rivers, through submerged equipment, operated by remote control, or attached to submerged structures.

We develop our activity from the sale of equipment, the provision of service by supplying the data or images required by the customer during a given time or for long periods

In our outreach activities, we create events, content and visual set involving the sea and its species, also disclose the respect of our seas from our Portal and numerous awareness activities we perform by our own initiative.

La empresa: