Underwater Inspection Service

Bajoelagua Factory has immediate operational bases on the coast of Cantabric sea (Spain) in Cantabria, Asturias and Vizcaya. From where can goes to sea in semi rigid boats up to 250 hp for underwater inspections immediate (performed within 24 hours of service request).This service is provided throughout Spain and Europe in terms of time commensurate with displacement, as our equipments can travel by plane without any problems.

We have equipments able to work up to over 400 meters deep with HD cameras for high-quality recordings (recordings for documentaries and films).

Our inspection equipments can see on real time from a dry site what goes underwater.After the service the company gives you a DVD and inform of the captured images.

We provide service at sea, swamps, dams, reservoirs, pipelines ... whenever required underwater pictures with or without the need to immerse a diver.

Pictures © E. Talledo for Bajoelagua Factory